About valid driver's licenses in Japan

Osaka Drive Tour is a tour carried out by driving on public street.
Therefore, you must have a valid driver's license in Japan for driving.

Please prepare one of the following driver's license below

1. Japanese driver's license (Japan residents)

You can also drive with an international driver's license and passport.
For detailed rules, please read this guideline ("about a valid driver's license in Japan").

2.International driver's license
(the type of Geneva Convention issued under the Geneva Convention)

If you are driving with an international driver's license,you will be required to present your Passport + international driver's license.
We ask you to present your international driver's license and passport. The international licenses considered valid are those issued by the member countries + two administrative districts present at the Geneva Convention (1949).

The following international driver's license does not allow you to drive in Japan.
  • International driver's license in the form of the Paris Convention (1926), the Washington Convention (1943) and the Vienna Convention (1968)
  • EU license (Please see "⒊ foreign driver's license" under the countries allowed to drive section)
  • Plastic foreign-issued driver's license (booklet type material is valid)
  • Japan International Driver's license issued in Japan
If you are registered as a resident of Japan, or if you are a foreigner driving a car with an international driver's license in Japan, you must meet the following two requirements at the same time.
  1. Stay outside of Japan for more than 3 consecutive months, one year from the date of reentry. (It does not necessarily need to be a country / region issued.)

    If you come back to Japan within a period of less than 3 months (not consecutive but total) after leaving Japan, the date of return will not be day of landing (international driving license and foreign driving license valid Date of the period)

    The window is located in the local road supervision agency.

    For details, please contact the prefectural police or driver's license center.

  2. Expiration date of international driver's license
    International driver's license issued by the Geneva Convention (1949) Member States and 2 administrative districts. You need to present your passport at the same time.

    (Link to the official site of the Metropolitan Police Department)

3.Foreign driver's license (Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco)

If you have a Swiss, German, French, Taiwanese, Belgian, Slovenian or Monacan driver's license,
you can carry a Japanese translation of the license with you, and you can drive for a period of one year after landing in Japan.
Please bring the driver's passport together with the following two items to the store.

Issuance of Japanese translation
−Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco−

A Japanese translation can be issued at the embassy or consulate of each country, or each JAF branch in Japan.
Please check the following page for JAF.

For details, please contact the prefectural police or driver's license center.


Only a translation provided by the following agency will be accepted. You cannot use a translation that you have created. You cannot use Taiwan International driver's license.
Please contact the respective Office for instructions on how to apply for the translation.

  • (1) Counter in Taiwan
  • (2)Counter in Japan

The counters are located in various road supervisory organizations.

4.SOFA Driving License for US Forces Japan

Depending on the Japan - US territory agreement, you can drive with the US military's vehicle operation license issued by the US forces in Japan.

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